Dr. Georgiana Kramer, Planetary Geologist,
visits The Space Station

  • Planetary Geologist, Dr. Georgiana Kramer from the Lunar and Planetary Institute visited the Space Station Museum to shed some new light on the fascinating Moon.
  • Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday Night: Moon Talk!
  • The birth of the moon, how it rotates, mineral composition, why the surface looks that way, gravity data, current and future research were all covered in Dr. Kramer's presentation to the Space Station staff.
  • One of the things she pointed out is that the same side of the Moon is always facing earth. This picture shows the far side of it.
  • Dr. Kramer and her captive audience.
  • Dr. Kramer showed us some great images like this "simple cylindrical" projection of the surface of the Moon.
  • Here is another simple cylindrical projection showing the changing gravity gradient along the surface.
  • Dr. Kramer using Ken Winans to show how the Moon does in fact rotate in relationship to the sun.
  • Dr. Kramer showing a young visitor where Apollo 17 landed.
  • Dr. Kramer explaining what it is we see when we look up at the Moon
  • The Moon and Two Stars: Dr. Georgiana Kramer with Space Station Volunteer(and sister) Amy Young
  • Dr. Kramer, the self proclaimed "Lunatic", with Big John, Don Shields and Ken Winans
  • There is still much to learn about the Moon and our Universe. Visit http://www.lpi.usra.edu to learn more. You can also drop by the Space Station Museum as well!